Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aion Online

As mentioned in my "about me" post, I love to play MMORPGS. I've played my fair share of them... (Runescape, Mabinogi, Ragnarok, A very little bit of WoW) And now i have been getting into this MMORPG called Aion: The Tower of Eternity. This game was produced by NCsoft, the same people who brought you Lineage II, Guild Wars, and a few more well made MMO's. This defiantly does not fall off the branch of their good MMO's either. The first thing that really caught my eye was the graphics.... These are not your standard wow graphics. The detail on armor and surrounding objects is just beautiful.  
Besides that, the requirements of this game make the game playable by almost virtually anyone. As for playability, it's your generic Korean/American MMO, either you can grind or do quests, but the real fun begins when you reach higher levels. At that point a lot of fun instances/other things that require a Legion (guild)/alliance or even just a group open up more as a possibility. One major thing that separates this game from other generic MMORPG is the lore, and the fact that it’s full PvPvE game. Before I tell you of the cooler stuff you need to learn about the story behind Aion.

In the beginning, Aion benevolently watched over his world Atreia. He created the humans, and the Balaur to safeguard and watch over them. Eventually, the Balaur became obsessed with power and subjugation. Five of the Balaur rose to a height of strength above the rest, and became known as the five Dragon Lords. When Aion refused to grant them the power they desired, the power to rival his own, they revolted and declared war on the god that created them. Aion's hand was forced, and he created the twelve Empyrean Lords, beings of divinity and power to protect the Tower of Eternity.
Some humans "ascended" to become Daeva and, like the Empyrean Lords, had wings and the ability to fight the Balaur. With time, enough Daevas rose to form an army. The Empyrean Lords would lead the Daeva into battle and fight ceaselessly. Eventually an attempt at peace with the Balaur was made. The five Dragon Lords were invited inside the barrier for peace talks, but before the peace-talks could begin, one of the Dragon Lords was slain by an unknown assailant. In the fighting that followed, the Tower of Eternity was destroyed, resulting in the cataclysm that broke Atreia in half. Those Empyrean Lords who opposed peace came to power in the dark part of the world, and became known as the Shedim Lords. Those who had desired peace became the Seraphim Lords and ruled over the lower half of Atreia.
Those that lived in the light part of the world, the Elyos, saw little change. These followers of the Seraphim Lords created the city of Sanctum. The inhabitants of the upper part, the Asmodians, saw many changes. Their hands became claw-like, their feet became talons. The darkness made their complexion deepen, and their eyes grew red adapting to the absence of light. They live in the city of Pandaemonium under the rule of the Shedim Lords.

Due to this lore, you can easily see that there are two different races. The Elyos and the Asmodians (and then there are the Balaur.... but there AI controlled). These races are all in war together, and when the world shattered, a area in between the two factions appeared, they call it the Abyss. This area is accessible by all races, and it's a war-zone for everyone.  This area contains fortresses that can be captured by either race, and held. This fact gives the game a sense of serious team-based PvP. There are also a series of classes, Gladiator (warrior type), Templar (the tank), Assasin (the deadly poison type), Ranger (the archer), cleric (hard core healer), Chanter (more self sustaining/offensive cleric), Sorcerer (DPS style mage), Spiritmaster (summons spirits for attack.). Each of these classes are balanced against one another, but at the same time as a team, certain units put together will make an unstoppable force.

Overall, one or the greatest MMORPGs I have ever played. I think I will going to be playing for a long time before I get bored again!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HP-Pavillion DV7-4065DX Laptop Review

Well, where do I start off? Right as of now I am writing this review from one. This thing is a powerhouse of a PC, as an avid gamer, and multimedia creator, this laptop suites every need! With its 17.3-inch, HD 1080p display, it produces bright, clear cut images to compliment its sexy, sexy LightScribe/blue-ray combo reader/burner. The 4gigs of 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM makes this computer load/close processes without the worry of overload, and even so, you can expand the memory up to 8 GB. Even though in awesome brushed aluminum casing, this powerhouse stays cool as a room, even when processing the most demanding games, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 ( AMD Premium Vision), though its graphics processing power is shared.... It easily keeps up its end of the bargain with its 1.9 GB approx. total video memory (128Mb is cached) running at a 400 MHz clock speed. Also, to back it all up its got a pretty powerful processing unit which makes me drool/foam out of the mouth, it has a AMD Phenom II N830 Triple-core processing unit clocking in at 2.1 GHz per core. This amount of power allows me to smoothly run (remember while I am typing this) Photoshop CS5 extended x64-bit, Adobe premier CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, and a few word and PowerPoint documents without even slowing down one bit. Oh! And did I mention the 5 hour battery life? A lot of haters complain that its only 2 hours.... either they got a bad unit, or they just don't know how to correctly conserve battery life (learn to conserve.....). Another thing that has become pretty prevalent in laptops (at least for HP) is a fingerprint reader... GENIUS!!! In my opinion, allows me to save type by just swiping a finger for logins. The amount of different ports on this thing is great! It has 4 USB ports all of which are 2.0, and one also acts as an eSATA port, this laptop also includes a media card reader for the photo enthusiast. And also and HDMI output! Talk about easy connectivity to an external monitor/TV and then some of the standards, like and RJ-45 Ethernet port, and 1 VGA output, and a microphone and a headphone jack. Like Skyping? No more need for that external cam/headset! This laptop comes with a built-in 1.2Mega-Pixel camera and built-in microphones. The audio on this laptop is provided by Beats Audio, It comes with a built in subwoofer under the computer, and two speakers on the front plate of the laptop, producing loud, crystal clear audio that will make you have multiple eargasms. It also comes with multimedia keys (which are bound with the f- keys) and also a full-sized numerical key pad for those calculating enthusiasts. One last thing, this laptop comes with a 7200rpm 500 GB SATA hardrive, to store virtually all your documents with speed and ease.

A few things that may take time getting used to though is the track pad, though its mutli-touch feature is awesome, it can tend to slip up and zoom or zoom out the page you where working on, or accidentally slide the page up or down. Also, the keys are spaced out so there are actual spaces between them. HP decided to put a glossy plastic like thing in between the keys.... Which makes it a fingerprint heaven, but nothing a little cue-tip or microfiber cloth can't fix! And one more thing, the microphones tend to be a bit sensitive, so be advised if your talking to a person, they will probably hear whatever is in the background, whether it be music, or even you typing.

So overall, this HP DV7-4065dx (comparable to the HPDV7-4060us) Laptop is a top of the line power-house machine, quite comparable to a desktop computer.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little about me.

Hello all,

Well, this is my first post here on and so I shall tell you a bit about myself.

Well, I for one, am an avid gamer who's interest is placed on a variety of games. Such as:

  1. Aion Online
  2. CS:S
  3. MW2
  4. And the Halo series
  5. Anything along those lines
So basically any mmorpg, or FPS will suite my thirst for gaming. Though people always take the games seriously, I for one, though an avid gamer, love to play as a casual person. When people Q.Q (cry over) games that they lost or the amount of lag that the game has, I don't care. if you team kill me once, I say whatever... Serious gamers just piss me off, and in turn, I piss them off. 
I am also quite the PC hardware specialist, I love reading up in the new series of processors that just came out. (Intel core i7 OC'ed to 4.2 gHz anyone? =D) Or especially the new GPU units being released (ATI Radeon 5790 with CrossfireX makes meh drool), since of course this ties in with my gaming addiction.

Oh! and one other thing, reading is also a hobby of mine... Especially mangas, for the easier reading of course. I love pretty much anything writen by Ken Akamatsu (Mahou Senei Negima!, Love Hina, A.I. Love You) and also a few others. I am also a classical book reader (The Divine Comedy, The Aeneid, or Goeth's Faust).

As an avid reader/writer and person who loves technology and to be laid back, I hope to bring you the best of reviews and discussions that will want to make you come back for more.