Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little about me.

Hello all,

Well, this is my first post here on and so I shall tell you a bit about myself.

Well, I for one, am an avid gamer who's interest is placed on a variety of games. Such as:

  1. Aion Online
  2. CS:S
  3. MW2
  4. And the Halo series
  5. Anything along those lines
So basically any mmorpg, or FPS will suite my thirst for gaming. Though people always take the games seriously, I for one, though an avid gamer, love to play as a casual person. When people Q.Q (cry over) games that they lost or the amount of lag that the game has, I don't care. if you team kill me once, I say whatever... Serious gamers just piss me off, and in turn, I piss them off. 
I am also quite the PC hardware specialist, I love reading up in the new series of processors that just came out. (Intel core i7 OC'ed to 4.2 gHz anyone? =D) Or especially the new GPU units being released (ATI Radeon 5790 with CrossfireX makes meh drool), since of course this ties in with my gaming addiction.

Oh! and one other thing, reading is also a hobby of mine... Especially mangas, for the easier reading of course. I love pretty much anything writen by Ken Akamatsu (Mahou Senei Negima!, Love Hina, A.I. Love You) and also a few others. I am also a classical book reader (The Divine Comedy, The Aeneid, or Goeth's Faust).

As an avid reader/writer and person who loves technology and to be laid back, I hope to bring you the best of reviews and discussions that will want to make you come back for more.


  1. Looking forward to your various posts. How's your loadout on CS:S, haven't played since source came out and wondering if its basically the same still.

  2. As a loadout, I usually use the standard ak-47 or M4, and recently they had a major update in which they added something along the lines of a killcam.