Sunday, February 6, 2011

Facebook, Slowly Taking Over The World?

Facebook in recent years has become the center of social networking, business, also even communications between friends/family. It has improved over the years, from the buggy beta, all the way to now. Some statistic claims that there are about 1 million new users to Facebook a day, making it potentially the largest and fastest grown social site to this day. Not to mention the movie "The Social Network" gave Facebook some highly regarded attention. But now, supposedly, in 2004, Facebook inc. got a trademark in the EU for the word "Face", the claim is shown below.

You might think thats bad, Facebook now pursuing a trademark of the word "Book" in the EU, not to mention also in the US. This furthers the question if the quickly spreading "Facebook" is just usable as a profitable tool, or in fact there are motives to make this something potentially harmful to some internet businesses and push other things of the like out of the "Social Race".

 Tech-Crunch also reports that Facebook already waged wars on websites such as Lamebook, and Teachbook, and also even forced Travelbook to change its name to Triptrace.

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